DJ Damage (AKA David Gale) has been in the DJ Industry for over 30 years.  Starting out at the age of 12, shadowing a local DJ that he met at a school dance, Dave realized how much music meant to him and how being a part of something so much bigger than himself created a life that he could not have imagined.


Dave worked in the clubs in his younger years in Regina and then Calgary and his talents have taken him on a European tour. Back in Calgary he also worked in Radio, music and TV production, live-theatre production and also started the first DJ school in Canada, VOXBOX DJ School.  Dave has taught over 1,000 students at his school and continues to inspire and work all types of people in the industry.  Dave started his own mobile DJ company in 2013, and recently has been able to bring Amanda into the business.



Amanda comes from a corporate background and also has a past as an entrepreneur.  She has learned a lot about the industry and loves working side-by-side with Dave in creating memories for people and new opportunities for their business.


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