CHILDREN’S WISH has become an important part of this Event and the AirBand concept.   As kids, both Dave and Amanda remember “AirBanding” at school and in our bedrooms to our favorite songs and pretending that we were the Rock Stars.  Bringing that to cities across Western Canada and sharing these amazing experiences with kids and their families who may not be able to create those memories without the help of our community and partners, is extremely important to us.

Childrens Wish - Partnership

David Gale and Amanda Bustard

David and Amanda are partners in life and business and decided to use this FUN and AMAZING concept to help raise money for Children’s Wish because of David’s cousin Kelly, who had a wish granted when he was 14 years old, and because they understand how difficult life can get in most circumstances and can’t even imagine how the Children’s Wish families cope.

This event allows people to have a break for one evening from their hospital visits, their homes and their illness to be at an event that will create memories for a lifetime.

In the years to come, David and Amanda will take this event across Canada to Children’s Wish and continue to raise money and awareness of their great cause.