From a Live Streaming DJ to your event or on-location

Book A Live Demo

Finally! You get to demo your DJ before your event. How convenient is that! We can provide an exclusive, private feed into the comfort of your home or office and you can experience, first hand, the quality of our service and your DJ. You can even demo our DJ’s even if you are hiring us to have our DJ on site at your event.

Save Money

When you book our Streaming DJ Services, you are saving money. You don’t need to pay for the travel, the labour of having a DJ on site, the cost of the wear and tear on the equipment, the fuel, the vehicle and much more. All of this means money saved by you.


You have a tight venue, you need more space for tables to seat guests for dinner but still want the quality of a professional DJ to entertain once the formalities have concluded. Our Live Streaming DJ service requires no more space than the speakers in the corners. We could even patch into the venue’s sound system if it is suitable for a dance party.


Speakers! Lights! Wifi! We can provide any and all equipment you need for your event. We can either work with your venue to patch into their AV system or provide one for you to use. Our team will also transport, set-up and tear down the equipment. If you are in a remote rural location, we can supply training and support to ensure a successful event. Contact us for rental rates of equipment.


With our Live Streaming DJ Service, we have created a way to increase the interaction between the guests and the DJ. Our euroAPP, which can be found by searching “Streaming DJ” on the App Store or Google Play, is a free, interactive tool allowing your guests to communicate any requests, dedications or silly / funny announcements they would like the DJ to make. We have proven that when allowing guests to use an app to request songs, the engagement increases by OVER 1000%. We have the requests to prove it.

Carbon Footprint

With less driving and traveling comes less pollution and a reduced carbon footprint. We are doing our part to save the environment by providing the same quality DJ service through an on-line platform without all the pollution.


Are you organizing an event for your international company and you would like to save some MAJOR money per location? Why not hire ONE of our DJ’s to Live Stream to ALL of your companies events at the same time? Or maybe you’re a venue (bar, pub, restaurant) with multiple locations around the world? Now you can have one DJ play at all of them at the same time. You can even have multiple DJ’s playing at all your locations through-out the day and night and still save major money.


Do you have a great cause that you are raising money for? We have ALWAYS found ways to help those charities and non-profits so more money can go to the charity! Live Streaming DJ is the perfect, innovative solution to bring great entertainment to your next fundraiser and the best part…WE WILL SPONSOR IT 100% NO CHARGE for the Live Streaming DJ Service. (charges may apply for equipment rental where applicable)


Unfortunately, every year, our company receives requests for a last minute DJ. This can happen for many reasons including accidents, health issues, miscommunication or worst of all, an entertainer not showing up. Our Live Streaming DJ Service can ALWAYS BE ON STAND-BY for your venue. We will work with you to ensure everything is in place so that IF that day ever comes where your entertainment doesn’t show up, we can have a DJ ready to go within mins and the party will continue on as it was meant to.